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Bag o Birds tote

New bag for sale at Peppers in Selinsgrove, PA. Black and white line drawn fabric available at Spoonflower- click photo. Also the bright ‘birdies’ fabric by pooky (thanks pooky!): http://www.spoonflower.com/fabric/204083


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I made a tote bag with fabric I designed. Spoonflower.com printed it on a fine cotton/linen canvas. Peppers will have it for sale at the store, 38 South Market St., Selinsgrove, PA 17870. Available by the yard at Spoonflower.com.

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Emily Dickenson's Recipe

On the back of one of Emily’s poems was a coconut cake recipe- her portrait and the recipe are on this FABRIC.

Peppers is on Facebook!

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New bags and totes with fabrics by ddmote now at Pepper’s the Artisans’ Collective in Selinsgrove, PA.
Fabric “I See a Frog and a Frog Sees Me” available for purchase at Spoonflower.com.

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Just crazy for owl hats...

These are the crochet hats I have been making.

I have become addicted to making owl hats while sitting in the evening. They will be available at Peppers, The Artisans’ Collective located in Selinsgrove, PA. See the latest news about Peppers on facebook!

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mmmm….. new widgets

WordPress has some new to me widgets!
At the top is a link to my favorite charity- ADRA.
In the middle a new link to my flicker photos.

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Just finished weaving some yardage for Judy Anderson using her handspun wool singles. This is my first attempt at overshot weaving and I loved seeing how the “blooming leaf” came out as I treadled the pattern. Thanks Judy for getting me to try this!
The pattern is on page 184 in A Handweaver’s Pattern Book by Marguerite Davison. She sourced it as based on an old coverlet from Kirby Knob, KY. I used 5/2 pearl cotton (colors #32 Lipstick and black) with at sett of 15epi. for the warp. The weft was Judy’s handspun wool singles. I only used part of the pattern. I put the blooming leaf in the center and mirrored the rest of the design on both sides of a 28 inch width in the reed. The reds do not show true in the pictures but the rich red is beautiful against the black and grey. Hurrah! I haven’t surrendered yet and I hope to sew up the project soon!

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