Here are the finished projects from the weaver’s workshop below. Hope to sell at Christkindl in Mifflinburg, PA being held Dec 9-11.


The Susquehanna Valley Spinners and Weavers Guild sponsored a weaver’s workshop in September with Pam Pawl and we had a ball! We learned about color theory and terminology and our projects had to demonstrate our assigned color, texture and stripe pattern. My words were triad, bumpy and striated.

Here’s my project on the loom before weaving.

My entry into the Spoonflower.com contest for 1950s themed fabric (palette restricted). Loved the mid-century look!

Unique fabrics for special babies!!

I not only voted for this fabric (see below) but used it as the inspiration for a weaving project (above)! One of the finished items is now on etsy.

Just voted for my favorite fabric at Spoonflower’s weekly contest. I love Birdies by pookie.

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